amaSole yoga at Római

It does not matter that it rains outside, when the sun is shining inside.

You are never too old or too young for yoga. You can start doing yoga any time, even if right now you feel that you are not capable of it. You may be slim or a bit heavier, someone who loves to move or a bookworm, you will surely find a type of yoga suitable for your needs in our studio. But if you do not succeed on your own, don’t worry, we are there to help.

Stop looking for excuses, just come and give it a try.

AmaSole, in other words: love the sun!


We could elaborate in details what that means for us. We could tell you what you will experience when you do yoga with us. We could even sing beautiful songs about it, but we won’t. After you step your foot into our studio, you will experience what the time you spend here means to YOU.

Your task is: Enter the yoga room and leave all your troubles behind. Leave your problems outside the door (if you want to deal with them after class, take them with you, or leave them here, we can dump them upon cleaning).

Come in and look around. Be aware that this is a place where we hope that you will find yourself. A place where you will sweat a lot, laugh a lot, concentrate and focus, wonderfully maditate and leave as a new person. Both in mind and body. The time you spend here will enable you to experience the miracle of being aware of tiny muscles in your body that you never even realized before. You can get rid of the stress you carry, as well as some unnecessary pounds of weight and tummy size.



Whether you are a beginner or a yoga guru – you will surely find your edge in SOLE HOT yoga.

And we mean it! This 90 minute class including a series of 27 asanas will have multiple benefits on your body and improve your physical condition.

But let’s not go too far ahead.

What is SOLE Hot YOGA?

A series of 26 different asanas (and two breathing exercises) performed in 38-40 Celsius heat. Does it sound like a regimen? Technically it is. It is a new system for your body that will initiate such changes that you hardly experienced during other forms of physical excercise.

90 minutes. You and your mat. A huge mirror and a few good friends who do yoga with YOU (you will see that sweating and struggling together for 90 minutes is a community building program). You do not need any additional tools just yourself and your mind. All your troubles, unsolved problems will remain outside the door along with your shoes. You may find them after class but you will not need them inside.

After the first time you will have many questions. Why does it need to be so hot? Why do we repeat the poses? Why is this better than anything else? Or why is even YOGA better than any other forms of physical excercise?

Allow us to address each and every one of you individually:

Firstly: dear Sirs, Young Men and Boys! No, no! You are wrong. This is not just for girls. Do not think that we force you to get into a pose for 90 minutes from where there is no way out. Those are totally unfounded misconceptions. Deterrents from men who tried it and realized that you can build your body without weights and fitness machines. They tried to keep this secret but we shall uncover the truth now.

Dear Grandmas and Grandpas! The worst possible excuse is the "We are too old for this”. Nobody was taken away in an ambulance from here, so no need to worry.

Dear Ladies, Girls and Moms! It is hardly news for you why we try to promote Hot Yoga or yoga itself. We would like to encourage you to come and see how a class goes with us. We hope that you will love this studio, the ambiance and the environment and its natural benefits just like we do.

Dear little ones, Parents, future Moms and Dads! You are never too young to start doing yoga. This is why we believe that even pregnant moms need to pay attention to their future babies as well as toddlers and older kids. That is the reason we try to offer a yoga class to all different ages.

Please come and see us, we will find a suitable class for you!

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